What we can learn from John Green.

Are you quotable? 

John Green is one of the most talked about authors right now, and with the release of the film adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars soon to arrive in the UK, there has never been a better time for me to talk about one of the things I personally love about John Green.

Although I have yet to work my way through all of his books, I have read The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska. Yes, I enjoyed them, and yes I think John Green writes beautiful fiction. But why did I read them? And what does that have to do with being quotable?

It's simple really. Since the explosion of social media, reading isn't something people do in silence any more. They blog, vlog, and create photo edits of their favourite quotes to share on various sites as such Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. In short, the 'Fandoms' have landed. It isn't just teens either, readers everywhere are sharing quotes from their favourite books, essentially advertising their current or favourite read. People also use Goodreads in order to decide if a book is worthy of their time, and as a result they see snippets of your work when they click on the title. 

Being Quotable
Authors who are quotable are the kind who really know how to pen a short, pithy sentence, something that sums up what the author is trying to say in just a few short words. Generally, less is more as far as word count goes, reduce your long winded explanations and avoid unnecessary words. Try reading the sentence out loud and see how it flows. 

Choose your placement wisely, we don't want quotable sentences on every single page, it loses it's punch. Never substitute your story in order to be quotable, it should be something that enhances your writing, not lessen it. It should feel like a natural part of your work, not a marketing tool.

Use these short, snappy sentences in photo images designed for sharing on social media. If on twitter or instagram, use the hastag #bookquote #bookquotes #readingquotes #readingquote , and make sure you're quotes are added to goodreads too. 

If you are a fan of John Green, please comment below with your favourite John Green quote. 


  1. I know it sounds bizarre, but I don't find John Green quotable in book form. As a personality maybe, but not in his stories.

    1. That's completely fine though, not everyone will think the same about this - but i think the message is still a strong one, I knew about his books long before I chose to read one because the quotes were everywhere, and as a marketing strategy it works. :)