The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings - Book Review

The Murder Complex is a thrilling blood soaked dystopian novel by Lindsay Cummings, set in a futuristic world where the 'Initiative' are in control, and the death rate is higher than the birth rate. People are being murdered every single night, and sixteen year old Meadow Woodson will do anything to ensure she isn't one of them. Feisty, tough, and unapologetic, Meadow will do anything to survive. It's kill or be killed, and she will always choose the former.


But for Zephyr James, life isn't so clean cut. He spends his days cleaning up the bodies that litter the streets, and his nights in turmoil over the people he has murdered. He can't control it. He can't stop it. The plot takes a dark twist when Zephyr and Meadow meet, and unbeknown to them, they both play a vital part in the disturbing experiment that is 'The Murder Complex'. 

We have seen an increasing amount of YA dystopian fiction burst onto the scene in recent years, and yes, the Murder Complex features some of the recurring tropes of the genre. A dangerous, controlling society. A kick ass protagonist. Love. Death. Family. Rebellion. The Murder Complex contains all of those things, but twists them into something fresh, original, and arguably darker than other YA dystopian novels. While Lindsay's inspirations are clear, her voice and writing is completely original, and she is a very, very welcome addition to the genre. 

An easy 5/5 Stars. 

Please check out my video review of The Murder Complex (Spoiler Free).

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