The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I've been a fan of The Mortal Instruments for the last year or so, loving the books and the Shadowhunter world to the point of obsession. That being said, The Mortal Instruments wasn't without problems. I wasn't a huge fan of City of Fallen Angels, and sometimes Cassandra Clare's descriptions left me feeling a little confused. It's a series I love immensely, in spite of issues, put it that way. 

Spoiler Free Review of The Infernal Devices (YouTube)

Then The Infernal Devices came into my life, and nothing was ever the same. Clockwork Angel was much more captivating as a first book in a series in comparison to City of Bones - and it should be, considering COB was Cassandra Clare's first published book. It was beautifully written, gone were the clunky descriptions and overused words and phrases, it was simply stunning. 

Once I delved into Clockwork Prince, I was hooked. The love triangle was sensitive, sweet and touching, something I can't say about TMI. I love a good love triangle, provided it has weight on all three sides, and for me, The Mortal Instruments never had that. The chemistry between Will and Tessa was electric, and the love between Tessa and Jem was nothing short of beautiful. 

What didn't I like? The happy ever after ending, where every character was coupled off wasn't to my taste, it was a little too perfect. I also felt Will Herondale's good looks were drummed into us a little too often, we know how good looking he is, let us remember it for ourselves once in a while.

Spoiler Review/Discussion of The Infernal Devices

The books are arguably better than The Mortal Instruments, and I found it hard to believe I would love these characters more than Jace and Clary. But I did, because the kinks were ironed out, it was executed better, the pacing was on point - in short, I am now a dedicated, obsessive Fangirl for The Infernal Devices.

The Infernal Devices Trilogy 5/5

And one last thing.....that epilogue. I cried. A lot. I found it so moving, I recreated the scene from Blackfriars Bridge between Tessa and Jem in photoshop. Please feel free to download it for personal use. (Strictly no permission to sell, or to use in any part of a design to sell, copyright The Book Life)

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