Ten questions you should never ask a book lover....

Mundanes. They never learn.

1. What are you reading?
Yeah, it seems innocent enough - but unless you are actually interested in my fantasy world and my fictional boyfriend, don't ask. I could be spending that time reading.

2. You spent HOW much on a book?
You spent HOW much at Starbucks? (I actually like Starbucks. But, point made.)

3. Don't you think your bookshelf is a little, cluttered? Perhaps you should get rid of some books?
That's someone else off the Christmas card list. 

4. Why bother reading the book, the movie is out?
These people annoy me.

5. Why are you reading that? The movie sucked?!
These people annoy me more.

6. Fantasy? Don't you want to read about the real world?
No. The real world sucks. Actually so does this dystopian. But here I have fictional boyfriends. 

7. Couldn't you be doing something a little more constructive with your time? 
I didn't realise we lived in District 12 and all hobbies were forbidden. Better get back to working in the mines.

8. Why don't you go and sit outside instead of reading all day?
I will happily go outside. Just remove all the people, and bring my bed, blankets and unlimited snacks. 

9. Don't you have enough books?
No caption necessary. 

10. Are you done reading?
Are you done speaking?

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