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When you're on social media, you naturally assume that your followers know how to connect with you, how to find you on the various platforms that exist across the internet. Not true. In fact, we have so many different types of social media that it can be almost impossible to keep up. People often ask me which forms of social media are the most important, and I always answer with 'the ones you want to use', and it's true.

I've always been into social media, but since starting The Book Life it's been my little space of the internet where I can obsess over books - and I love it. But admittedly, it is hard to keep up. So, here's a breakdown of all the ways you can find, follow, and keep up with The Book Life.

My Youtube channel is where I can chat about books, take part in book tags, discussions, hauls, and monthly wrap ups. It's basically the essence of The Book Life, and I love it. I've met some amazing friends, and I wouldn't be without them now.

The aim of the Facebook page is pretty simple, share the latest blog posts and YouTube videos, plus a whole ton of reading and writing related pictures. Find me at

I'll admit it, I am totally addicted to Instagram. I love it, and here's where you'll find the book porn. Seriously. Snappy, cutesy photos of books with pretty filters and about a million hashtags. Find a cool bookshop? Instagram. Get a new book? Instagram. Obsess over my latest read with quotes, pictures, and dream castings? Instagram. You get the jist.

And the occasional bookish selfie.
Find me at @booklifesj 

Now, I'm pretty new to Tumblr. My very good friend Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes loves Tumblr, it's basically the place for crackpot theories on books, Fandoms, and dream castings of your favourite books. Oh, and snazzy edited pictures that make your heart explode with feels. I'm pretty new there, but you can follow me if you want! Find me at,

The most bookish social media of all, Goodreads. I love Goodreads, it helps me keep track of all the books I read, lets me review them, and talk to you guys about them too. It's amazing. 

Last but not least, the Twitter. I don't need to explain Twitter, let's face it. Here's where I gush about books, and engage with other readers, and Booktubers. 
Follow me at @booklifesj

And that's it! You can also follow this blog via the various links in the side bar.

Now come Fangirl with me about books! 

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