The Mortal Instruments gets new book covers!

Last week Simon and Schuster announced that the UK would be getting new book covers for the best selling series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I wasn't how to feel about that because I often get cover envy when new editions hit the shelves, and be honest I was a little unsure of how they would look. Personally I cannot stand the new covers The Hunger Games trilogy has, so yeah, you could say I was nervous.

But look how beautiful they are! I love them, they are minimalist, but so beautiful and each drawing represents the story being told. Personally, I also feel like they really look the part, like I could imagine them in the library of the institute itself. They look classic. I'm in love.

The designs have been created by artist Mila Furstova. Cassandra Clare confirmed that these will not be replacing the existing editions, they will just be there as an additional design for people to consider when buying the series. Which is great, because I would have to have a full matching set, and then be out of sync when Lady Midnight hit the shelves! 

I think my favourite design has to be a tie between City of Bones and City of Glass.

What do you think of the new designs?

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  1. I love this new design more than any other covers I've seen for the series. It makes the series look like those old, leather bound books for some reason. I'd actually love to have the entire series on my shelves just for these gorgeous covers, to be honest.