Shadowhunters. It's time to get excited.

When I discovered that Shadowhunters had been picked up by ABC, I literally did excited fangirl sea lion claps around my bedroom. I'm a massive fan of the Shadowhunter world created by Cassandra Clare, and when City of Bones didn't become a box office success, the scriptwriting student in me knew we wouldn't be getting City of Ashes as a movie. But thanks to the dedication of the Shadowhunter fandom, it's coming back as a TV show and I couldn't be any more excited! The TV show is a reboot, meaning everyone has been recast and I am dying to see the pilot. Can it be 2016 now? Please.

So far we've had this little teaser which you can watch on YouTube. In the short teaser we see flashes of New York reflected in the mirrored Angelic Rune, and while it isn't much we're lucky to have anything at such an early stage. 

It's clear the marketing team behind Shadowhunters knows how obsessive this fandom is, and they are giving us so many sneak peeks it's impossible not to get excited. Which of course is the point, after all. So here's a rundown of some of my favourite snippets from the show so far.

We've seen our Clary embrace her carrot top locks. For me, the precise shade of red was never an issue, I think many things are open to interpretation and the things I'm fussed about go much deeper than hair - but let's face it, she's perfect.

I'm sure Katherine McNamara is going to make a wonderful Clary, she's been sharing so many cute selfies and snaps from her time on set and I'm loving it.

Clace. We've actually gotten quite a few snaps of Clary and Jace together, and it's enough to make my fangirl heart flutter. I was a huge, huge fan of Lily and Jamie (especially Jamie, he was perfect to me) so naturally I was pretty concerned about the Jace casting. I was worried we'd end up with a pretty poster boy version of the layered, witty bad boy but from what I've seen, Dom seems to be embracing the role and I am really excited to welcome our new Clary and Jace.

Another thing is that Hodge is, well...HOT. Hodge actually isn't that old in the books, he was aged up for the movie. Beth Crowley nailed it perfectly in her 90 second song back in May. It does feel kinda weird saying it out loud though doesn't it? He's going to be played by Jon Cor, which is arguably both the perfect surname and pun in one. Hodge is hot. Cor, Hodge - is hot. Sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't resist.

And finally, the Silent Brothers are perfect. Horrifying, and utterly perfect. 
Improving on what was already pretty impressive for the movie, the Silent Brothers for Shadowhunters are eerie, disturbing, and exactly how I imagined them. It gives me chills. 

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