Pick n Mix Book Tag!

It's been a while (literally, years) since I created a book tag so today I am here to bring you the Pick N Mix Book Tag! Whether you are a blogger, Booktuber or want to answer these questions on Instagram, I would love to see them!

1. Fizzy Blue Bottles. They look strange, and they taste strange, but you like them. Name a book or series with a really strange plot that you couldn't help but love.

2. The Metre. It goes on forever. Name the longest book series you have read.

3. Chocolate Raisins. No amount of chocolate can hide what's inside. Name a book with a disappointing cover but an interesting story.

4. Chocolate Mice. They look sweet, but they're secretly vermin. Name a book that surprised you with it's villain. (Be careful not to give spoilers!)

5. Hard Gums. You take a bite, but almost break your teeth. Which book or series was really difficult to get into?

6. Cola Bottles. Some are sweet, some are sour. Name two similar books, one that you loved and one that you didn't like. 

7. Fried Eggs. Some people love them, some people hate them. Others feel quite indifferent to them. Pick a book that matches how you feel about fried eggs. 

8. Smarties. No matter what you do, they're everywhere. Name a trend or trope you are tired of reading.

9. Gummy Bears. Name your favourite fictional creature or animal.

10. Pick n Mix! So many sweets, so much variety. Name one/some of your favourite diverse books! 

If you have done the tag, whether it's on Booktube or a blog, please feel free to leave your links below in the comments so people can go check them out! Thank you!