Fictional Scattegories Challenge!

I love filming collabs with my friends, but after a while you inevitably run out of challenges, so me and Sian from ReadersRambles decided to create our own - Fictional Scattegories! The idea of Scattegories is to roll the dice to select a letter, and then answer twelve questions all starting with that letter. Sounds simple, but it really isn't!

Watch: Fictional Scattegories challenge!

How to Play:
There are official Scattegories rules which do differ slightly from our game, so feel free to adjust the rules to suit your own game - just keep it consistant. Each game of Scattegories consists of three rounds, which we have prepared already for you to use. Feel free to adjust any of the questions for your own challenge, these are just ones we came up with for our game. 

Roll the dice to select your letter. If you've already had that letter in a previous round, roll again. Time the round for four minutes. 

Answers must begin with the letter rolled on the Scattegories dice. Articles A/An/The do not fulfill the letter requirement, so titles such as The Little Mermaid, The Walking Dead, would be used for letters L and W. (This makes A & T a very difficult letter!). Players cannot use the same answer twice in one round, so while Voldemort could be at Hogwarts, a Villain, and a character that kills - you may only use him once, choose wisely. Last names can be used first, if that character is known/spoken to by their last name. I.e, Potter, Snape from Harry Potter, Barrons from the Fever Series are acceptable, however characters who are never referred to/or known by their last name are not.  

Get creative with your answers, but be prepared for other players to challenge you. For "Things at Hogwarts", saying a pupil/teacher name/common room/wand/a specific potion or charm is thinking outside the box, but if you say a chair, or a bed - that's pushing it too far. You can be as strict as you want, but remember to be consistant throughout the game. 

You can select up to three answers per category, so for example for female characters beginning with H, you could have Hermione Granger, Helga Hufflepuff (which would earn you two points!) and Holly Kennedy from P.S I Love You. 

When the time runs out - stop writing and compare your answers. Go through your answers by category, crossing out any duplicates you have with other players on that category. 

Add up your total points for each round, and then see who wins! Players take turns reading their lists. Cross out any answers that matched another player’s. Players score one point for each answer not crossed out. As mentioned before, creative answers are allowed, but any player has the option of challenging an answer. If an answer is challenged, all players, including the player whose answer is being challenged, vote on the acceptability. Majority rules. In the event of a tie, the vote of the challenged player does not count.
The player with the highest score wins the game. In the event of a tie, the tied players play a tie-breaker round.
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(Some of the wording for this blog post was taken from Scattegories Game Rules -