If you are planning to get in touch regarding a potential review or collaboration, please ensure you have read through my review policy. I have previously received books for review from Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Harlequin Teen and Mira Ink. 

Books I Read
I mostly enjoy reading books within the fantasy genre, both urban and high fantasy. I love books with complex, morally grey characters, hate to love tropes, and I'm partial to a villain or two. I enjoy thorough world building, layered characters, interesting mythology, and I'll read both YA and Adult fiction. I am also interested in contemporary romance, books with diverse themes and characters, and books that represent the disabled community. I also love modern poetry.

I Don't Read
I do not read books with the following themes or settings: WW1/WW2, contemporary crime/shootings, biographies, autobiographies. I rarely read male protagonists, and if I do, it's in a fantasy setting. 

Reviews posted on either my blog or my YouTube channel 'The Book Life' are my own, honest opinions. In order to maintain credibility, I will always be truthful when reviewing a book. I rate books between 1 and 5 stars, taking into account aspects such as writing style, character development, pacing, plot, setting, originality, and my overall enjoyment of the book. When reviewing a book negatively, or with negative aspects, I will be critical, constructive, and explain my reasoning for my rating. This is non negotiable, maintaining transparency and truth to my audience is my priority. My opinions on the books I read also frequently become topics/answers to discussion videos, book tags, for example. 

 I do not offer reviews for every book I accept. Due to the sheer volume of requests I receive, and time it would take, I am unable to offer reading or review guarantees of any books I receive. However, any books I accept will be featured on my social media, and shown in my next Book Haul video. If/when I get to the book, I will write a review on Goodreads and Amazon, and the book will be shown in my next "wrap up" video. If I have a lot to say about the book, I may decide to film a video review. I accept both EBook, audiobooks and physical books for review, situation depending. However, I prefer to receive physical copies. 

I am also interested in blog tours, hosting giveaways, sponsored videos*, and collaborations for my YouTube channel and blog if the right opportunities arise, providing they align with my channel. I am also open to reviewing book/fandom merchandise, subscription boxes, and other bookish related items. 

Sponsored Videos*

I also offer sponsored content on my channel. This is a commission to create, edit and publish a video on my channel, ie a review or a discussion topic that applies to your novel or product. This video would be filmed, edited, and uploaded within an agreed timeframe. You can see an example of my sponsored content here. Please be aware that a sponsored video does not entitle you to a positive review or video, my review policy still applies in the exact same way. Paid sponsorships help me continue to create content, purchase equipment, and support my channel.

To avoid miscommunication, please include the date you would require the book read and reviewed, plus the format you are offering, in your first email, as this will play a part in whether I can accept the book for review. Please do not, under any circumstances attach PDF attachments of your book in your enquiry email. These emails will not be answered. 

Please check out my YouTube channel and blog posts to familiarise yourself with my content style before getting in touch.

For business enquiries, book reviews and blog tours please email thebooklife@outlook.com

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